Friday, 15 February 2013

Supreme Personality of Godhead

                One day a gopi told Mother Yasoda, “Today, I caught your son Krishna red-handed, with His hand right in a pot of butter. I asked Him, ‘Why have you come here? Did You come to steal butter “‘No, no mother! I was searching for My calf. I was playing with him today, and he ran away. So I followed him, but he jumped into this pot.’ “‘Oh, your calf has jumped in this pot, has he?’ “‘Yes, Mother’, Your son replied very innocently, and when He pulled His hand out of the butter pot, He was holding a marble toy calf! Then He and His friends all began to laugh, and they quickly ran away.

                                 Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and He always wants to please His devotees. Krishna’s other incarnations are not like He is. Everyone can worship Krishna. but Krishna Himself wants to worship His pure devotees, and serve them, and fulfil their desires. Krishna’s pure devotees in Vraja think, “I really want Krishna to come to my house and steal butter from me,“ and that is why Krishna comes.