Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Krishna's Miracle

                     Krishna and Balarama resumed their walk along the road to the palace. They came across a woman carrying a vessel full of sandal paste. The scent was so powerful that the entire road was filled with fragrance. The woman, though young and beautiful was hunch-backed. Krishna said to her, “O pretty girl! Who are you? To whom are you taking these heavenly unguents? Please be good enough to give us some of it.”

                    The maid was charmed by Krishna’s words. She said, “Dear Sir, I am a perfume-maker by name Trivakra. King Kamsa patronises me for my skill in making these fragrant pastes. He likes my preparations immensely. But to you I shall certainly give the unguent. For, who is more eligible than you to use such precious stuff?”
                        She gave the sandal paste to Rama and Krishna and watched with joy as they smeared the paste over their chests, arms and palms. Krishna is always anxious to bestow his grace on devoted people. He resolved to make straight her body bent in three places. Pressing her feet with his hand and holding her chin by his two fingers, he gave her face a jerk. Krishna’s touch made her whole. Her bends were straightened, all parts of her body became well developed and she was transformed into a matchless beauty.