Monday, 11 February 2013

Manuneethi chozhan

Life of the chozha king:

               In times of yore there lived a king named Manuneethi chozhan. This incident in periya puranam explains an event that happened in the life of the chozha king who became known as Manuneedhi Cholan because of the glorious justice he made.
 Manuneethi choalna did not have cildren for a long time. Since he performed a number of good deeds to obtain children and finally a male infant was born to him. The boy was named veedhivitanka.

Calf crushed to death:             

                 One day that young son of the king was riding his chariot on the main roads of the capital thiruvarur along with the friends and the forces. That time a calf which did not realize the movements on the road suddenly entered in between. Alas, that small creature got hit by the wheel of the chariot and was crushed to death. 
The cow which saw its calf killed on the street was stricken with grief. It licked, cried and sat in grief near the dead calf. The son of the king was appalled at what had happened. He couldn't come out of the shock of what happened and felt he had born to defame his father who stood for justice. He rushed to the scholars in order to do the deeds of penance for this deed before facing his father.

Ring the bell:

                         King Manuneethi Cholan had hung a huge bell in front of his palace . He announced that anyone seeking justice could ring the bell and their voice will be heard.The cow walked to the palace gates and rang the huge bell demanding justice from the king. 
The king came out and saw the cow,he learnt from his courtiers the death of the young calf under the wheels of his son's chariot.

King Manuneethi kept his promise:

                       King Manuneethi kept his promise he ordered his son to be killed for his recklessness. The prince was killed the same way the calf had died ,he was crushed under the wheels of the chariot .
The king went through the same pain the cow had as he witnessed his son die and thereby being just at all cost.

  king's stand on justice:

                      The subjects of the land wept wondering the king's stand on justice; The Lord who raised the Flag of Bull indicating the divine justice that Lord of thiruvarur appeared in the horizon amidst the praise of the divines with His consort parvati. The king saluted the Lord of creatures. The Supreme blessed the king for his sincerity towards justice and by His grace the calf, son of the king and the minister came back to life. The cow and the king got relieved of their agony. The devotees for whom such magnificent deeds were possible lived in that holy town thiruvarur. Let the adherence of the great Chola king to justice in its true spirit stay in the mind.