Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Embodiment of love for India

                   Swami Vijnanananda, a brother disciple of Swamiji, was then staying at the Math. Swamiji loved him and affectionately called him 'Peshan' for his name was Hariprasanna before joining the Order. Swami Vijnanananda occupied the room next to Swamiji's. One night his sleep was broken by the sound of sobbing and he rushed to Swamiji's room. There he found Swamiji bitterly crying. Swamiji did not notice that his brother-disciple had come into his room. Are you not feeling well Swamiji?'; asked Vijnanananda. Swamiji was startled, 'Oh, Peshan,' he said, 'I presumed you were asleep.

                    No, my dear, I am not sick. But I cannot sleep as long as my country suffers. I was crying and praying to Sri Ramakrishna that we wouId soon see better days.'Swamiji was an embodiment of love for India and her people. He would inspire everybody who came in contact with him to love India. Sister-Christine writes : 'Our love for India came to birth, I think, when we first heard him say the word "India", in that marvellous voice of his. It seems incredible that so much could have been put into one small word of five letters. There was love, passion, pride, longing, adoration, tragedy, chivalry, and again love. Whole volumes could not have produced such a feeling in others. It had the magic power of creating love in those who heard it. Ever after, India became the land of heart's desire. Everything concerning her became of interest—became living—her people, her history, architecture, her manners and customs, her rivers, mountains, plains, her culture, her great spiritual concepts, her scriptures.'