Monday, 11 February 2013

Pittukku Man Sumandha Kadhai

During the reign of a particular Pandya King, the river Vaigai bulged with overflowing water and one male member was called from every household to get the water under control. And there was this particular old lady who had no son and no husband as well. This loner was surviving by selling ‘Pittu / Puttu’ – a rice powder delicacy of South India. To help her, Lord Shiva came down as a common man. He asked her if she could give him ‘Puttu’ and he would represent on her behalf. And the old lady accepted. But after having food, he went and slept off. The King got furious and ordered to whip-lash him. He was whip lashed, but the pain was felt by everyone including the King!
An infliction of pain that was felt immediately by all people in the world and left the mark of spine on the backs of humanity. Henceforth , the supervisor and the king realised the folly and begged his forgiveness.