Saturday, 9 March 2013

Secret behind Vishnu's Anandasayanam

We all are familiar with the ananda sayanam pose of Lord Vishnu. Actually its a pictorial representation of the secret of world's creation. The body temperature might be different for every individual based on vatham, pitham and kabam. Man consumes water and food and breathes air,and thus maintain the heat in the body.
Water is the second element representing blood, Secretions of glands, vital fluid etc.,In this Lord vishnu  represents vaatham. If a person has a large amount of vaatham in its body he'll be always lying. This is the reason for Lord Vishnu's Ananda sayanam position. This vaatham concept is related to birth giving. If a lady does not have the required percentage of vaatham in her body then she can't conceive. 

                             When the seed falls into the ground the most wanted one is water i.e moisture content.When it falls into the ground it needs a lot of moisture to rise from its sleeping period. After that it gradually develops and looks at the four directions.The sleeping period for the seed is the Lord vishnu's ananda sayanam pose. Vaatham content i.e the moisture is the body of Lord vishnu, the navel from where Brahma arises.  The Brahma, four headed man coming from his navel is the seed which looks at the four directions. This is the pictorial representation of the secret of the world's creation.

Where Brahma rises out of Vishnu's navel of greater interest to us is the concept of the Nabhi Kamalam and its connection with our lives today. The Nabhi Kamalam is the zone that activates the Nadi Gantham or nerve centers of the body. This has been beautifully depicted in mythology where Brahma the Creator is seen seated on a lotus that rises out of Lord Vishnu's navel, who lies down on Ananthasayanam in the cosmic ocean. Truly a beautiful depiction of a concept so close to us, of something so real, and of which we are least aware of! All our symbols and rituals are not fiction its fully a scientific way of life.