Friday, 28 February 2014


                                       THE GREATNESS OF RADHA'S LOVE FOR KRISHNA

It is said in the ‘Chaitanya Charitramrita’ and narrated by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that once Shri Krishna was crying for a Gopi who was unable to come to Krishna as she had household chores. Radha was watching all this. Meanwhile she personally went to the Gopikas house and then fell on her feet and said,” My Krishna is crying for you.Please go and visit him once. If you do so,I would become your Dasi eternally.”

Through her example, Radha showed the world the meaning of true love and to what extent one has to sacrifice to really learn to love.

Radha is indeed the greatest lover of all times. Hundred and thousand times greater.That’s why she was so dear to Shri Krishna.

Who in this world would be able to sacrifice to the extent Radha did without a tinge of Jealousy?

No one.

But Radha and devotees like her can only realize the true meaning of love.

Therefore even today on devotees lips lives "Radhe Radhe"…