Thursday, 28 November 2013



• Longest Epic of the World

• “What’s not in Bharata, is not in Bharata”

• “A Buffet of Ideologies.”

• Written around 3000 BC.

• Narrated thrice :

– “Jaya” by Vyasa to Ganesha
– “Bharata” by Vaishampayan to Janamejaya
– “Mahabharata” by Suta/Sauti to the Rishis at Naimisharanya.

• Has “mindboggling” revelations.

– Astronomy: Existence of Uranus(Shweta) and Neptune(Ksharaka).

– Geography. Lands as far as Cambodia(Kamboja), Kazakhistan and/or Scandinavia(Uttarakuru),

– Mathemetics: Nos to the range of 10 raised to powers of 16 and -16.

– Descriptions of Weapons which resemble modern day weaponry including Nuclear and/or Chemical Weapons.

– Complex Millitary Formations and Strategies.

– Philosphy, Psychology, Sociology, Spirituality, Religion, Politics.

– Mangement Lessons.