Sunday, 1 September 2013

say Rama or say Shyama

The poetic lyrics of the bhajan are  sweet sung in the praise of attributes of the form of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

Two names are beautiful in this world, say Rama or say Shyama.

One (Krishna or Shyama) steals the butter in Brij another (Shri Rama) eats the bel from Bhilini (Sabri, a devotee with divine love towards Lord Rama and infinite patience)

Both's work are filled with divine wonderful love.

One (Lord Krishna) kills the demon king Kans other (Lord Rama ) kills Ravana. Both destroys the agony and pain of weak, both are the source of power.

One dances with Radhika, the Other sits with Sitaji
Say Radhe Shyam or say Sita Ram both are beautiful names.