Friday, 26 April 2013

Krishna consciousness

While KRISHNA was engaged in tending the cows in the forest of Vrindavana The Gopis in the village were  always absorbed in thinking of Him and discussing His different pastimes. This is the perfect example of KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS: to somehow or other remain always engrossed in thoughts of KRISHNA. This vivid example is always present in the behaviour of the Gopis; no one can worship the Supreme Lord by any method which is better than the method of the Gopis.

The Gopis were not born in brahmana or kshatriyas families; they were born in the families of vaisyas and not in big mercantile communities but in the families of cowherd men. They were not very well educated although they heard all sorts of knowledge from the brahmanas the authorities of Vedic knowledge. The Gopis only purpose to remain always absorbed in thoughts of
                                   KRISHNA- The KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS