Monday, 7 January 2013

science behind nose stud

A fairly recent trend in jewelry fashion in the west is nose stud. Though fairly new in the western world, nose stud have existed for many centuries in various parts of the world. Nose rings have stood the test of time in many countries, particularly India.

Medical facts behind nose rings:

 It is said that Ayurvedic medicine associates nostril's piercing location with the female reproductive organs. That's why you need get the ear pierced by an experienced goldsmith, who knows by touching the skin, whether or not any nerve pass through the specific portion. While piercing the ear or nose, no passing nerve system should be disturbed or wounded, hence much care has to be taken for piercing. which is divided into many chapters, states. Ayuveda, which is part of the Indian Vedic Scripts, states that Nose too linked with the female reproductive organs; accordingly the nose piercing is supposed to make childbirth easier and lessen period pain during women's natural menstrual couse and periods. 

Relationship between nose and female sexual reflexes:

             There is a known close connection between the nose and the sexual reflexes. In India to predict a person's character, used to first observe the Nose of a person; it is also widely acclaimed in the "Samudrika Lakshanam" an art that studies the behavioral pattern of every individual, that points to the size, length, positioning etc. of a persons nose and predicts the character to the near accurate result. Even in the Medical terms, it is established beyond doubt, that swelling of the nasal spongy tissues and congestion of the nose occur during sexual excitement in human beings. The nasal passages of women swell, and occasionally bleed, during menstruation. Mr. Wilhelm Fliess (1858-1928 AD), an associate & close friend of Dr. Sigmund Freud, found a strange relationship between the nose and the female sexual apparatus, and held that certain gynecological complaints could be cured by cauterizing the appropriate parts of the nose.

Relationship between nose and male sexual reflexes:

                    In males, it is believed to be an affinity between the nose and the virile member, and from ancient times it was thought that a large nose was a sign of a large male sexual organ. Similarly, a woman with a little nose is believed to have a small sexual apparatus or the desire to have/indulge in sexual pleasure is minimal. 

Minimizing poisonous emission:

                    Quite apart from the above findings, the Abharana Bhushana Vidhi states, that wearing a nose ring or a nose stead is a must for a women, if one needs to enjoying life in its pleasurable counts. True. the carbon emanated during the sexual union, the poisonous emission is minimized due to the wearing of a metallic (Gold, Silver) ornament in the nose.

Avoiding a surrender to the opponent:

                   Also, the oculists believed, it is very difficult to bring into control or hypnotize or mesmerize the women who wear such sort of nostril rings/Mookuthi etc. as this functions as a controlling the brainwave length thus avoiding a surrender to the opponent who try to hypnotize. Thus the Indian aesthetic befittingly adorns the female nose with an inspired ornament, which highlights its amorous connotations. Indeed amongst the many jewels with which the Indian woman adorns herself, the nose ornament  is the perhaps the most seductive. 

Nose piercing:

                  Nose piercing should always be done using a needle. By piercing & wearing a nose ring or stead, one should have no adverse effects on the body; so it is strongly recommended to use only pure Gold (Yellow metal). Silver must be avoided to make any sort of nose ring, because it said to cause irritations, delays in healing and oxidises inside the wound and can cause allergic reactions, lumps. Even it might leave a permanent black mark on your nose.
                Nose piercing will generally take 3 weeks fully to heal, there will be hardly any redness surrounding the piercing and only a small amount of discharge mainly from the inside of the nose. Just cleanse the affected portion with clean cold water and use cotton to wipe. Do not use any force or pressure which might cause swelling.

                  Nose piercing is to take place before the age of 5-7 years old. In those olden days, they simply used to put a golden wire for the children below the age of seven and later. Later, when they grow, they used to wear different type of Nose stead (Mukkuthi) of their choice and liking with many design, stone studded and or even plain gold made one. And there was/is no creamy layer for any class, caste or creed! And no reservations on this particular subject as it was / is a custom with every Hindu women to wear a Nath  (Mookuthi). However, depending on their wealth, they used decorate this ornament with costly jewels, precious stones and size